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You're passionate about conservative values. They are the ultimate reason that your candidacy, or your advocacy or grassroots organization, exists!

You want to get maximum value from the money your donors have entrusted to you—the “most bang for the buck”! And you want to empower your people to do the best job they can. The right technology, and knowing how to use it, is key to achieving both of these goals.

You've got your eye on the prize: victory for what you believe in! And you're willing to work very, very hard to get it.

But you can’t go it alone. You need partners who share your values, and are willing to work as hard to promote them as you are. And who will provide expertise that will complement and round out your in-house capabilities.

That’s where ConservaTechnology comes in!

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What is CRM, and Why Should You Care?

CRM, or customer relationship management, has been used for years by for-profit corporations.

Now, political organizations are finding that the ability to reach out to thousands of supporters as individuals, and to build a genuine relationship with every one, can produce results that are nothing short of amazing.

Find out why we consider CRM to be the conservative activist's "secret weapon"

Getting Social Media Right

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard lots of talk about "social media" and what they can do to spread any message, be it commercial, charitable, or political.

It's true that you can reach astonishing numbers of people very quickly by using Twitter, Facebook,, and other social networking platforms. But social media campaigns can backfire if they're done wrong. Nothing arouses the ire of social media fans more quickly than anything they perceive as "spam," or even worse, phony grassroots activism.

Want to learn more about how to do social media right? Please contact us.