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ConservaTechnology™ is the brainchild of Ed Garrison, a partner in Advanced Business Systems Consulting Group, Inc., one of the leading database and Web consulting firms in the Chicago area. Ed has been a software developer ever since graduating from college in 1976, and a conservative activist even longer, since his days with the TARS (teen age Republicans) during the Nixon campaigns.

To create a powerful package of tools to promote the conservative cause, Ed has assembled an array of computer programs and services addressing activists’ specific needs. Here is an outline:


Relationship management sits at the heart of all political activism. By using the techniques of Customer Relationship Management (as it is known in the for-profit world), it is possible to reach out to a virtually unlimited number of constituents on an individualized basis.

For example, rather than simply sending out mass mailings and hoping for the best, a campaign using CRM will work to cultivate genuine relationships with its constituents as individuals. This is done by systematically collecting as much data as possible about every single constituent, and then tailoring future “touches” (letters, e-mails, phone calls, and so on) to each individual’s preferences and concerns. In this way, the cost-efficiency of “mass marketing” is combined with the “personal touch” of a one-on-one relationship. At ConservaTechnology, we have partnered with leading vendors of CRM software, and can show your organization how to use it to meet your specific goals.

Online Activism

The Web has made it possible for anyone, no matter how limited their budget, to broadcast their message literally to the entire world. Even more significantly, the Web gives its users the ability to communicate in both directions. For conservative activists, this means that a Web site should always serve a dual purpose: not just “getting the message out,” but also a means for listening and responding to constituents and potential constituents concerns.

At ConservaTechnology, we believe that any political organization or campaign should use its Web site as an information hub: the primary place both where the message is distributed, and where data about interested parties is collected. We have the technical expertise in-house to help conservative activists create Web sites that will not only fulfill these functions, but will do it in an attractive and engaging manner.

Social Networking

The success of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others speaks for itself. These platforms enable millions of people to share their thoughts and their very lives with one another worldwide. They are a natural vehicle for creating communities of like-minded individuals—communities that can expand to enormous size and reach virtually overnight.

Conservative activists can harness this power at little or no cost by consciously creating, encouraging, and supporting communities of people who share their views. Doing this, however, requires a significant shift in approach from that of traditional media. The social media world is an intensely—pardon the expression—democratic (small-letter “d”) place: it is run by the participants from below, not by “leaders” from above. Campaigns which have violated the written and unwritten rules of this world can experience embarrassing fiascoes; and unfortunately, the Internet can spread the damage from such a fiasco just as quickly as it can spread a positive message. Want to harness the power of social networking effectively while avoiding costly missteps? We can show you how.

An Integrated, Individual Approach

Your organization may want to create a comprehensive strategy using all the above tools. We can help you do just that. Or, you may already have your overall game plan in place, but need specific assistance with your database, your Web site, or your Facebook page. We’d be glad to pitch in where you need us.

Either way, if your goal is to promote conservative ideals, you and we are already playing on the same team. Let’s explore how we can work together! Please take the first step by contacting us today.

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