Posted on April 17, 2009

Conservatives Use Twitter to Expose CNN’s Biased Coverage

Twitter vs. CNN

Predictably, CNN, like most of our liberally-biased “mainstream” media, largely ignored the groundswell of Tea Party protests that took place on tax day April 15th.

In the past, silence has been one of liberal elites’ most powerful weapons against average Americans’ distaste for their policies. For decades, their strategy has been a simple yet very effective one: give little or no media space to grassroots conservative activism, and occasionally feature some¬†outlandish ultra-right-wing kookery. To the uncritical eye, this portrayal makes conservatism appear as nothing more than a fringe phenomenon in American society.

The advance of the Internet, however, is slowly eroding the power of this strategy. Recent events surrounding the Tea Party protests are a case in point. As reports, thousands of grassroots activists are using Twitter to publicize the real story surrounding CNN’s biased coverage (and the Obama administration’s use of Homeland Security reports as a platform to demonize conservatives).

Thanks to the combination of conservatism plus technology, the days of the liberal “gatekeeper” of public opinion, it would appear, are finally drawing to a long-overdue close.


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