Posted on March 25, 2009

Is the Political Tide Turning Already?
(Maybe… at least in fundraising)


After being trounced month after month by Democrats (especially through better use of the Internet), the GOP has finally won a round in the fundraising contest.

According to a report from Fox News, Republicans beat Democrats handily in fundraising statistics for February. In that month, the RNC pulled in $5.1 million, while the DNC raised only $3.26 million. By contrast, two years ago (while still under the chairmanship of Howard Dean), the DNC raised $5.5 million in February of 2007.

The RNC is also in much better financial shape overall. Most recently, the DNC reported $8.6 million on hand and $7 million in debt. The RNC, by contrast, has $24 million in ready cash and no debt.

According to a “Democratic operative with knowledge of the party’s fundraising capabilities,” the numbers have little significance. The operative stated that “the party simply hasn’t tapped into its full fundraising list yet, nor has it taken advantage of President Obama’s massive e-mail list,” and intends to mount new major fundraising efforts later this month.

Is the Democrats’ showing a mere fluke? Or is the tide already turning against Obama & Co.? Stay tuned…


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